A Record Month OPN (Jun’09) up +14.7%

June 2009 was a record month (2009) for OPNewsletter! Overall June’09 OPN is closed up +14.7% (x- brokerage commissions) and +12.1% (including commissions). We invested almost 60% of 10K assumed capital across various sectors and diversified strategies. All the portfolios were closed positively. Overall an excellent performance that was almost double the OPNewsletter objective of 5-7% per month.

Here is an update by individual portfolio-

  • GDX was closed for +5.15%
  • UPS was closed for +8.9%
  • X was closed for +13.85%
  • RUT was closed for +23.08%
  • DIA was closed for +22.89%
  • IWM was closed for +26.07%

This doesn’t include returns on speculative trades on POT, GDX and GMCR, MCO and AAPL (Pls read here on OP calculates it’s results)

To Reinforce what I said last week, and I still believe in it-

Believe it or not, market internals are deteriorating day by day and the surprising thing so far is that it is still holding very well. I have trimmed my personal stock holdings by almost half (as lot of those increased by almost 60-70% in a few weeks time). The only holdings where i still continue to hold (or rather increase on every pull back) is gold. But pls don’t follow it without full due diligence as gold trading is not for everyone.

This time around, our strategy was slightly different vs. usual way of adjusting. We were short delta all throughout the month, expecting for a sharp correction which didn’t arrive but markets didn’t rally either and didn’t go beyond the expected upsides break-even. This was a well thought out technical as well as psychological analysis that helped determine what to expect and when to move. We were short delta and as soon as markets fell, our results improved.

This was another record setting month for RUT Iron condor. Since re-opening OPNewsletter in Jan’09, OPN’s RUT Iron Condor never lost money and just one condor alone was more than enough to pay for the subscription.

We have started to open Jul’09 income portfolios. If you would like to sign-up, pls click here to join waitlist.

Profitable Trading, OP


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  1. Travis Avatar

    I respect the business model you have here, “no profit, no fee”. It brings integrity to the business of trading. Congrats on your success.

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