A Productive Speculative Season

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This was probably one of the best options expiration times. No matter how hard I try not to trade speculatively on Option expiration Friday, I can’t avoid it. Trading with discipline has its own advantage and disadvantages, advantages being more though.

HAR was the star of the day. The decline started from $97 when i got into it. I had to go out for a stroll so I closed my speculative position on it to realize later that had I been monitoring it, results would have been over +1600% in one day alone (well no coulda, woulda, shoulda). I got into again when it was trading at $90-89, to gain another +150%. Attached are the chart and my transaction details:

har-speculation-chart.png     har-speculation-sept-21.png

SNP, another beautiful trade, +16%, but I am still in as it is just breaking out.

FDX, thanks for announcing bad results. I bot Puts when it opened higher, sold puts for profit and bot calls when it started to move up. I mostly don’t do intraday trades but this was too good to pass. One simple reason, 105 was a strong support and today is Options expiration, my theory told me it will dance around $105, so I have been milking it in and out.

 fdx-intraday-sept-20.png   fdx-intraday-trasaction-sept-20.png

DFC, thanks to value investing, Dhandho investment, Mr Pabrai is one of the biggest holders. Supply is less and rate cut helped it bounce back nicely. This one I invested in stock as options were not attractive. Bot at 4.7 sold at 5.52 in one day i.e. + 17% on holdings.

ZINC, GDX, ABX and many more. This has been one of the best speculative expiration week. Oh btw, income trade portfolio suffered a blow due to massive rally, but still yielding close to 6% for Sept expiration. This excludes all speculative gains.

In last few minutes preparing for next week, all the ones that are dampened today due to pinning, expecting those to fly next week i.e. CAT, FCX, PCU, GOOG and others. Pls do your due dilligence before diving into any of those.

Profitable trading, OP






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