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This page is designed to collect key tools, mostly available for free, that will help find, explore and analyze potential opportunities. Don’t miss the option strategy simulator, that is also available for free. This page may be updated more often as I check it almost my every trading day, so stay tuned. My sincere appreciation to the industry leaders for putting tools to help retail investors. Please visit their websites as you may discover more insights.

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9 Responses to “OP’s Toolbox”

  1. […] you will trade whatever stocks that your stock screener tells you to. I have found a good list of stock screeners from OptionPundit (check under the “Stock Screeners” header). Personally, I use MSN Moneycentral’s […]

  2. […] Bill Gross and many more. Check out OP’s toolbox. […]

  3. Robert Gordon says:

    Looks interesting. Thanks. rg

  4. Tracy says:

    Another site to add for “Technicals & Trading” is livevol.com. They offer both free and paid option tools and data services.

  5. Livevol offers a range of data, calculations, alerts, and visualizations needed to execute successful trades. Livevol offers both free and paid web-based tools with no download or install needed.Livevol can provide a link exchange or guest blog if desired.

  6. Marco Chavez says:

    Hi OptionPundit
    I have just checked your website and performance and it seems incredible
    What broker do you recommend (I m from europe) and what can be your max draw down, win loss ratio/success ratio, your profit factor, how many trades have you done monthly, and how was the performance? Are there excell sheet data or data filtered at collective2?
    Best regards,
    Marco Chavez

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    Check out http://matrix.vantharp.com You can download the free mini-book here. This book will help you achieve your trading potential.

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