I am very delighted to share OPNewsletter readers’ testimonials that I received on how satisfied they are with OPNewsletter and if it’s delivering the value they desired for. I am touched and feel happy that OPN was able to make a difference.

I have been an OP Newsletter subscriber for about 3 months. I’ve been trading options for 2 years.

I am extremely Happy with my subscription. I have taken most of OP’s suggested Income Strategy trades and they have been overwhelmingly profitable. The ones I did not take, due to travel or just plain second guessing, ultimately turned out to be profitable as well. LOL.
Most of the spec trades that I’ve taken have been overwhelmingly profitable as well.

OPN differs from other Newsletters in that OP provides timely, suggested adjustments for his Income Strategy recommendations. He, or other subscribers, are quick to answer my questions. This keeps you in the trade with an expert assisting you, and teaches you how to trade these strategies at the same time. In addition, I have found OP to be very responsive to questions as well as feedback.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to contact me at smrusso@aol.com.

Sam Russo
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

Thank you for the vote of confidence Sam. It’s members like you who keeps the community growing and learning from each other.

Hi OP,

I find it hard to put into words the value of the service you (and the whole OP community) offer the individual retail trader and investor. In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability. I also have not found another service that puts all of these strategies together the way that optionpundit.net does. It feels like a true group of friends and peers that are learning and growing together, not just someone taking our money and throwing out trade ideas. I sincerely appreciate the time and efforts you put into your service for your members, especially at the price you offer it for. True knowledge is priceless.

Thanks Again,
David Castello
Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Thank you David. I appreciate your feedback. I hope OPNewsletter continues to deliver rather exceed the expectation that members have from it.

Hello to everyone,

I’m trading for about 6 years, but before 2009 it was mainly stocks and some straight options. I first subscribed to OPN in April 2009 and this was the first time I was exposed to all those income strategies (condors, calendars etc.). I was naïve to think that I could start making money from those strategies after 3-4 months even with OP guidance. As OP says “trading is a business and as with any business there is a learning curve, then next is to gain edge while continuously improving. To be an engineer, I had to study 4 years. To be a good one, I needed another 3-5 years of practice. Why people expect trading to be different?

After cancelling in September 2009 I tried few other newsletters and some trading on my own. I came into conclusion that in terms of consistency, risk management, educational value and comprehensive solution there is no service that comes even close to OPN.

Some of my key learning during my stay with OPN and other newsletters:

  1. The most important four attributes of trading are: risk control, conviction, patience and proper position sizing. If you take care of those attributes, you will be profitable.
  2. Be patient with winning trades; be enormously impatient with losing trades.
  3. Never, under any circumstance add to a losing position.
  4. Good execution and low commissions are extremely important. Don’t ever underestimate them.

I’m very excited to be back and learn from this wonderful community.
Kim Klaiman
Toronto, Canada
Founder: SteadyOptions.com


Thank you Kim. I appreciate the kind words. If there are ways to continuously improve OPN, pls don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you’ve done providing very profitable trades consistently in your newsletter month after month ! When I first saw the results you were posting on your website I must admit I was a little skeptical that this was for real but after signing up and taking the trades since last year I am now a believer. I also like the way you answer our questions and are willing to share your knowledge with us. To me this is much more than just a newsletter, we are making money as we are learning ! Thank-you very much.Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who would like to speak to a current subscribe”

Chris Lekas,
Dania Beach, Florida USA

Thank you Chris, for being an OPN ambassador. If someone needs to discuss with a subscriber, I shall give your reference.

I would be more than happy to share my thoughts with you about the newsletter service you provide to members. First off, let me begin by saying that your level of commitment to your subscribers is top shelf quality, and greatly appreciated. I have enrolled in a couple of other “advisory-type” services in the past, and could never duplicate the promised results that were advertised. Not so is the case with your service. Once a recommendation is posted, your timely adjustments certainly reflect what is going on in the market real time, and the attention you pay to detailed risk management is HUGE. It is very apparent you are trading what you are recommending, and the focus is living to trade another day. I can honestly say I did not expect this type of performance when I initially enrolled, but am quite elated and content with the service thus far. I would highly recommend your service to any option trader at any skill level. The answers you provide to your members are great in that you seem to realize a newbie does not need complex discussions, and the very advanced trader does expect more elaboration than “do this, or do that”. I also believe that your advertised results are accurate and repeatable by any member willing to spend the time required to learn this craft. I could highly recommend this service and would be more than willing to elaborate further if requested.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experiences, and keep up the great work”
Warmest regards,
Kevin Sass
Gilbert, AZ, USA
Trading Experience: Options Trading exclusively since Feb 2007
Founder: 1optionsummit.com

Kevin, many thanks for the confidence you have shown in OPN and also for answering member’s questions when I am not able to due to lack of time. I very much appreciate your candid knowledge sharing with other members.

My experience with OPN is so far, excellent. You take very good care of your participants. So much so that I wonder how long you can keep it going. If you remember I indicated that your newsletter circulation by its very nature must remain small. In order for you to keep the excellent one-on-one relationships you have with your readers, you must have a limited base. Likewise from a trading standpoint, if your followings get too large you will affect the option market and defeat the purpose of the newsletter. In my limited experience, this is the only newsletter that I am aware of with direct personal responses from the writer. You are extremely open with your results, and that I believe is a benefit. From all appearances you too have skin in the game. I might say that your record is truly amazing so far. I have already learned a great deal just by watching some of the previous trades. I am astounded that selling and buying options can be made in such a way as to limit capital exposure. Unfortunately I do think of the newsletter as a self-limiting endeavor. If too many folks are locked into OPN, I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to keep your current track record. I presently feel as if I have been invited to share a secret that can not only build wealth, but also can provide an education that will allow sustained income. I don’t want that to be damaged or destroyed in the near term.

David Severy ,
Moorpark, CA, USA
Trading experience: Extensive (way too many years) with stocks, and in its infancy with options.

Thanks David. It’s a fair concern. I shall address this on the forum on how do I plan to address the issue of our strategies being diluted by a greater following of OPN.

My experience with OPN has been very satisfying. I had previously tried a number of newsletters in my endeavor to both generate a consistent income and to improve my knowledge of option trading. None of the other services I tried came close to OP in either respect. OP is less arrogant, more to the point, more focused and more responsive than any other service I have tried. In answering my questions, he has also proven to be very knowledgeable and, importantly, willing to share his knowledge. He is delivering consistent income and consistent answers to my endless questions.
Pradeep Nawani
Shanghai, China
Trading Experience: 2 years experience

Pradeep, Thanks. I appreciate warm words. Your questions, many times help me as well to revisit the topics I might have considered “I know”. Questions help refresh thinking and if there is something that I might have overlooked in the past, also gets added to the perspective.

I chose Option Pundit because I wanted to add a conservative style to my trading routine. With option spread trading, I find it less stressful when compared to outright buying put and call options or even equities for that matter. You can minimize losses better, make adjustments, all while controlling risk to your original investment capital. Additionally, with Option Pundit selections, you really get to understand the behavior of the underlying equity or index which is extremely important for consistent gains. I find these attributes most appealing and would recommend the Option Pundit Newsletter.

Rhode Island, United States
Trading Experience: 8 years active trading

Dear CC, thanks for choosing OPN and for the kind words. As we grow, there is lot more that we can learn even from your experience.

Risk management, transparency and mentoring that you provide make this service Excellent. I have been member only one month and already love the service. I will recommend it to any one, any time.

Plano, Texas, USA
Vertical Spreads Options trading experience 2 years.
Trading Experience: Mutual Funds 10 years

Thanks Arshad. I am sure OPN will continue to keep-up the commitment regardless of the loss that we may encounter along the journey.

Hi, OP I’m Ben Burrell from Winston Salem NC. This is my first time using a newsletter service. I’d been following your site for half a year before you opened up the newsletter. I actually got interested in the idea of income investing from your site and tried my hand at it for a few months before the newsletter. But actually seeing the trades you place in the newsletter has helped me grow quickly in my understanding of various strategies and how to adjust them. I’m here to learn and to increase capital. So far I’m very happy with the results. I have much yet to learn.

As far as the results reporting I’d vote for the initial close suggestion. My experience has been that the trades I didn’t close when you first suggested I lost money on because I couldn’t react fast enough when things changed. As my experience grows I’ll probably hold on longer”.

Ben Burrell,
Winston Salem NC, USA

Thanks for being a long time reader of OPN and I am happy that OPN was able to influence you for income trading. As this is your first newsletter subscription, regardless whether you be with OPN or any other newsletter, pls remember the points I had mention on the forum on how to select a newsletter service.


I have tried several newsletters earlier and this is definitely one of the best in terms of consistency. My experience with OPN has been extremely satisfactory (i have been a member for just 2 months). I like the way you report the results and it educates us a great deal not only with the trades, but with the management, documentation etc. Cannot find such overall trade management newsletter that easily.

My biggest worry about recommending a newsletter to someone has always been, “what if i recommend to friend or a relative, who don’t understand the trades and loses money due to their mismanagement?”. Never a good thing when someone loses money on what you said. Having said that. I certainly see myself recommending you to my mother’s retirement income portfolio on a small account and i think that surmises the trust i have with OPN.

Ram Krishnamurthy, Ashburn, VA, USA
(Originally from India)
Investment exp: Stocks 9 yrs, Options 5 yrs.

Ram, I am so thankful for the confidence you have shown in OPN. I hope that OPN will continue to deliver it’s promise for the long time to come and we grow together to make money be it small or large capital base. There is much that we can also learn from you. Pls continue to share your experience on the forum.

“I have been a reader of the blog over the past few months. It was natural to be skeptical with newsletters which promise to deliver >10% average based on past history. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the trades on how well it is being discussed. Now 2 months subscriptions is not a lot, but good enough on the capability of the newsletter.

The secret is two fold. Keeping the group as small as possible. Expert analysis by the OP team. I find this newsletter as a good source of learning which you normally won’t find in seminars. The fact I will renew my subscription when it comes due soon, is a compliment which means a lot.

VB, Toronto, Canada

Thanks VB and I appreciate your kind words. We’ll keep the number small.

Hi OP,
I was initially not sure if i wanted to give a testimonial. I am a little afraid that this service could turn into a “what works on wallstreet” disaster. If you are unaware- A smart gentleman wrote a book by that tittle. In it he had years of research indicating strategies that have worked for 50yrs in some cases. He then capitalized on the books findings by starting a Large Mutual fund which then underperformed the market for a “relatively” long time! “What USED to work on wallstreet!!! LOL I WANT OPN ALL TO MYSELF!

OPN is a great service. It is Transparent, insightful, and reactive to the market. I have tried dozens of sites on the web… some good others crooks! OP falls into his own category… Not only is OPN a great way to avoid beginner’s loss, you could actually hope to learn from OP’s mastery with time and effort. This is not a site for the self proclaimed hobbyist options maverick. However, if you want to use this site as a way to steepen your learning curve by follow up on OP’s insights with homework, then i welcome you to our “community.”

I have been trading/investing in stocks and futures since my senior year of high school. Now i am finishing up my undergrad with a major in finance. I came to OPN with a very strong foundation in options theory… now i put it to practice!

By summer’s end i will be a: RIA, CFP, CTA and a professional money manager of a small Hedge fund

Long Island, NY USA

Damian, thanks for the vote of confidence. This is a big market and we have seen only 2-3 strategies so far. Let the markets be a little better and we’ll take out more from our toolbox. You are a valued member of the forum, your potential is clearly visible in the quality of posts and answers you give to other members. By the way, I do have a plan to close subscription once I achieve this number I have in my mind. Later, new members can join only when someone from OPN community decides to take time-off.

I’ve just recently subscribed to OP’s services and I must say it is my best choice since I started my trading 1 year ago. I like the way how OP adjust its trade according to the market condition where risks are minimise and at the same time achieving wonderful returns months after months. With OP’s approach, u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY and you won’t have to go to bed worrying that if the market crashes, your entire capital will be gone. OP make sures that the downside of your portfolio is protected and your money is working hard for you.

Besides achieving great returns, OPN is a great place to learn and improve your knowledge about options trading. All I can say is that OPN is far better than those seminars that claimed to make magnificent returns but failed to deliver and I am happy to be an OPN subsriber.

Aaron Tan
Active options trader since 2007

Thanks Arun. It’s a simple philosophy here at OPN, if we can’t make money and can’t deliver value to customers, sooner or later customers will find out no matter what the marketing pitch is. Hence, at OPN, “No Profit, No fee” which shows commitment and rewards tied-up to the performance.

“OPNewsletter is more than just a stock newsletter.The focus is not on selling more subscriptions but on producing consistent results month after month, while providing invaluable education along the way. The personal attention you receive is unbelievable.”

New Jersey, Country: USA
Investment Experience: 10years(stocks) 2years(options)

Poorna thanks for the kind words and it’s pleasure to have someone of your caliber who has wide range of experience, not only in stocks but in other asset class as well and in other markets too. Thanks for being part of OPN community.

I have being about 16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers. Some brokers were purely option traders and others were stock fund managers. I have had both very good years and bad years but progressively the good years have being vanishing. Last year I decided to start working more aggressively to learn different options techniques and put them to the test. In my search for knowledge I came across the Option Pundit website. On my first month of trading with OP, I made enough money to pay my annual subscription and provided a good boost to my portfolio. Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers. I am also very impressed with the caliber of many forum members who constantly add valuable comments and information. My experience these first two months with OP have being very enriching and rewarding.

Luis González
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Thanks Luis. Your words means a lot and I am happy that OPN was able to deliver value to you and you find it enriching. Thanks to you as well for sharing your knowledge on the forum and we look forward to hear even more.

I have been subscribing to other newsletters but so far none had delivered it promises and I find their result computation misleading/weird.

Prior to joining OPN, I’ve been reading OP blog for some time and it has become one of my daily MUST visit blog. Regrettably, I have missed the first opportunity to joint OPN when it first release as I was skeptical and doubtful after my bad experiences with other commentary services and newsletter that I subscribed.

I am glad that I have finally made decision to joint OPN, and frankly speaking, I felt confident prior joining OPN for 2 reasons :

1. The proven result, and
2. the way OPN change the rule of the game (no profit no fees) that show how confident you are in your strategy

After joining OPN, what I can say is that I get more than what I expected, I like your strategy, your $ management method, the way you report the results and the wonderful community that full of selfless members and OP itself that willing to share and help everyone to learn along the way.

In short, OPN – “A PROVEN strategy that delivers CONSISTENT result with CONFIDENT to change the rule of the game”

I would definitely recommend to anyone confidently to join this wonderful community to learn and make $ at the same time

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Investment Experience: Options (1 yr+)

Dear Watt, thanks for the vote of confidence and marking OptionPundit as a must visit blog. I am also glad that you are delighted with OPN and feel it’s delivering more than what you had expected.

Dear OP,

I have been a keen reader of your blog for almost a year and when you initially started OPN I jumped in rightway knowing this is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from somebody who is the top of his game. What I admire most about you/OPN is not just the trades but the education and the personal touch. I feel like I am communicating with a mentor and friend.

Learning from you is an incredible experience. Your depth of knowledge is vast and you can explain in a language one can easily understand. Prior to discovering your website my experience with options is primarily long calls , puts and vertical spreads at best. You introduced me to income trading and inspired me to learn a lot about options. These strategies suit my style where I don’t have to watch the market tick by tick.

Your results speak for themselves. They are consistent and outstanding in a market as volatile as it can get over the last one year. I am looking forward to work with you for a long long time. Finally I want to thank all OPN members for making OPN an outstanding community.

Sridhar A
New York, US
Investment experience: Stocks – 8 yrs, options – 5 yrs

Sri, first of all I am very thankful for the resources you have pull together for the benefit of all the OPN members. Especially the newbie who can easily understand what are we doing at OPN. You have also been actively sharing your knowledge with other members regarding greeks or OPN trade adjustments. Via this post, I sincerely want to thank you for your time and efforts. Your kind words are encouraging that tells me that OptionPundit and OPN is on the right path and has added value (and money via profits) to its community members.

I’ve been a long time subscriber, from the original service before your started up again, and can vouch for your success in options trading. I’ve consistently profited each month of my membership, and more importantly, I’ve learned some valuable options strategies along the way. I’ve even used these strategies successfully on my own trades.

I was originally attracted to your service by your blog and your “no profit, no subscription fee” you advertised early on, but since then I’ve been even more impressed with your ability produce consistent monthly income month after month with seemingly less risk than investing in stocks alone.

I don’t know how you do it, but the amount of effort you put into your blog as well as your attention to your member’s only forum is impressive. I notice you respond to many of the questions in your forums directly or one of your knowledgeable members answers the question before you have an opportunity to chime in.

I’ve been an active investor for over two decades and I’ve been trading options for several years with moderate levels of success. I’ve paid for a number of other services over the years and can state categorically you KNOW your craft! You don’t advertise only the profitable trades and ignore the unprofitable trades like many other subscriptions services. What I like best is you diversify your operating capital across several mini portfolios each with with an asset allocation recommendation. This alone is worth the price of admission, since we all too often incorrectly allocate working capital to our positions.

It’s hard to consistently make money in the options arena and, so far, you have an impressive winning streak going. I can only hope you keep the number of subscribers small and enjoy continued success with your income producing options strategies.

Chris_C, Lewisville, TX, USA

Thanks for the support and kind words Chris and also for your support on the forum. It’s the member that makes forum so distinctive and we learn from each other and grow together. Portfolio allocation is very important especially if we want to be in this game for long run. We need to learn how to manage bigger capital while achieving good results at the same time. We all are learning this together.

I love this newsletter. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to my trading career. I’m a sort of a risky trader and have lost a considerable amount of money in my past. I needed to follow someone I can trust and see how trades are executed and learn. This is exactly what I needed. I’m beginning to make money recently not only because I’m following some of your trades, but because I’m getting good ideas and learning how you trade, which is invaluable. I’m a full time software engineer and do not have the time to investigate stocks at the same level as you do. Therefore this is essential for me to be a successful trader because a successful part time trader is a tough goal.

I have already gotten one of my co workers to sign on the list (Bryce catlain). He is a fellow engineer and he is VERY systematic. He is following your trades and analyzing your performance before he decides to put in real money. So far he is quite impressed.

I do however have one concern. I know this list is not open to the public, meaning not everyone on the Internet can join. This is probably a good thing, but when does the amount of people joining begin to affect the trades? Most of us are small traders, meaning we’re probably trading with less than a 100K trading account. But I’m wondering what happens if more people learn about this list and you get big time players (like, say, a hedge fund manager) who deals with millions of dollars. Can this affect our trades? How do you protect against adverse results from the amount of subscribers?

Thank you for allowing me to join. I truly believe I am on the way to success begin a part of this group!
Mike Karmindro, San mateo, USA
Investment experience: 4 years trading options
Founder: tradeclique.com

Thanks for your kind words and referring OPN to your friends. I am thinking ways to keep it small. Right now the way I have thought about this is via limiting the new subscriptions only to this number I have which is in proportion to the liquidity. However, later on we’ll close it for new subscription and only allow new members once someone decide to leave OPN.

The best thing about OP is that he puts his money where his mouth is. You know the guy is in it with you so he’s not some “sideline” know-it all without the accountability of feeling the pain. He’s making the trades and adjustments with you. I have seen newsletters and services where they put out the initial entry, give you the criteria for loss/profit exit, and then call it a day. You have no idea what their real rate of return is because they enter and exit at some “theoretical” point similar to back-testing approaches. It doesn’t consider the real emotions of trading, and the real issues most of us face of having day jobs. OP keeps the “official” book on the adjustments and closes, but he extends his hands out to help those of us who have “missed” the adjustment or close by a day or several days due to the constraints of real life. That is invaluable.

I guess I would summarize by saying that OP is like a trading simulator simulating all the aspects of trading not just the identification of a trade and entry. You can follow along in real-time and ask questions and see what others are saying as the trades unfold. It doesn’t hurt that most of the times we make money in the process. And when those times occur when the trade goes against us, OP does his best to correct either this trade or offset in another trade so that we, including himself, come out ok. Most of the time, he pulls it off (though it still scares the heck out of me).

Wayne Hom
San Mateo, CA USA
5 years of study, but only about 1 year of real trading

Thanks Wayne. I am thankful for your feedback. Last two months were not easy. In fact one of the most difficult months during the life span of OPN and we managed to sail through it. Nice stress test for our strategies.

I have been a regular visitor and an early forum member but joined the OPN only in April.
I still consider myself an Options newbie as before joining OPN i was just using Straight Calls or Straight Puts based on my directional Analysis.

If i were to summarise my experience with OPN in 3 words i would say : Transparency , Community and Learning

Transparency : Complete openness about the Tracking. In fact the decision to take members fills accentuate the Transparency aspect and really appreciate you for that .Also, in many cases i can see OP assisting members who may be late for a fill as to what could be the best way/time to get the fills on different strikes.

Community : I enjoy the Community experience a lot. The discussion on Fills brings a sense of friendly competition, the sharing of sentiments when PBR,Visa were going all over the place..all makes one feel a part of Community.

Learning : These 2 months have made me read up a lot on Iron Condor, Calendar Spreads, Effect of Volatility..and i realize reading is one thing and trading and experiencing the things u read about is a totally different thing. I am glad that i used OPN as a first platform for Income Trading.It also makes me realize a few things about myself e.g, As a directional Trader why i made losses and how could i have avoided some of those losses…

All in all ,i know these are just my initial baby steps in the world of Options, I look upon OPN as a long term continuous learning source…as i have miles to go before i sleep………….:)

Name : Ajay Sunder
Country : Singapore
Investment Experience : Option newbie..less than one year Options Trading experience.Before joining OPN was limited to buying Straight Calls/Puts based on directional Analysis.

Thanks Ajay. Looking forward to long association and being successful together.

Nothing much has changed from my first thoughts. Few additional thing I learned since then are:

1. Negotiate on prices when putting the trades.
2. Better understanding on Pinning.
3. Different ways of adjusting a trade
4. Book recommended by you on Volatility was excellent.

Further, making us think on catastrophe in the world and Mother’s day.
Varun Balendra, USA

Thanks Varun. I strongly believe that no matter what we do, we should give some time/resources to the society we live in and the companions, friends and families are what makes the life fulfilling. The success, without the success of those who matters, is not tasty.

I like the consistency in monthly profits from your your service. Capital preservation is very important in investing and this service seeks to do that making sure that our hard earned money is preserved at all costs. Keep up the good work and the great consistency in making money month after month.

Thanks again.
Singapore and investment experience 5 years.

Thank you Chik.

Overall, my brief experience with OptionPundit was positive. I’m still in the beginning stages of learning about option trading. I appreciated the variety of trades, which motivated me to understand more complex, lesser used trading strategies. Your commentary on each trade was informative, giving me better insights on when to enter and exit a trade. Since I auto-traded multiple newsletters in the same account, the large number of trades from OP occasionally created position conflicts with other trades with the same strike and underlying. But I could have easily remedied this by trading OP in a separate account. Overall, you run an excellent service.
Warmest regards,
Mark, Irving, TX, USA
Investment Experience- Stocks/Bonds/Funds 20+ years, Options- Fairly New

Thank you all. I shall continue to update this page.

Profitable trading, OP

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