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How to Trade Fear

So you have been watching this “interesting” stock market. One day down, next day up and in the end you don’t seem to find any “wealth effect” in your stock portfolio. And then there is this marvelous VIX, Uncle Ben’s bullish notes about subdued inflation, bullish economic data and you…

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April 20, 2011

What Exactly is Option Trading?

A Fascinating Friday ! That’s how I can think about Market’s action on Friday. Option trading is not only about attending a seminar, do some paper trades, get some winning trades and the stage is set. It is also about constantly evolving your own trading style and continue to sharpen…

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April 17, 2010

DOW, S&P, Nasdaq All Up

The Dow increased 4.7% closing at 8979.26, the Nasdaq was up 5.5% to finish at 1717.71, and the S&P was up 4.3% to finish at 946.43. Leading sectors Coal and Consumable Fuels +13.3%, Education Services 13.2%, Steel 13.1%, Oil and Gas Exploration 12.1%, Gas Utilities 11.4%. Gold will surely make…

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October 16, 2008

A Terrible, and A Fantastic Week

It was a terrible week for U.S. stocks and equally for almost every major stock markets worldwide. The Dow fell 157.47 points, or 1.5%, on Friday to close at 10,325.38, racking up a 7.3% drop for the week. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 29.33 points, or 1.5%, on Friday to close at…

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October 5, 2008

The Monkey Friday

Here we go again. A new secert recipe from Mr Paulson and company for pumping-up the markets. If I were to simplify this, it is like this ” Here is the garbage bin, you throw all garbage in this, we’ll pay you for this garbage and later we’ll sell this garbage…

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September 19, 2008

Where Are We Heading Now?

Tough Markets, the worst June for Dow since the great depression of early 30s. The Dow is down nearly 9.5%, S&P500 nearly 8%, RUT nearly 5.5% and Nasdaq nearly 7.5% for the month of June so far and we still have one more trading day left. Dow Jones industrial average…

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June 29, 2008
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