Jeff Augen, currently a private investor and writer, has spent more than a decade building a unique intellectual property portfolio of algorithms and software for technical analysis of derivatives prices. His work includes more than one million lines of computer code reflecting powerful new strategies for trading equity, index, and futures options.  He is author [...]


How to Trade Fear

by OptionPundit on April 20, 2011

So you have been watching this “interesting” stock market. One day down, next day up and in the end you don’t seem to find any “wealth effect” in your stock portfolio. And then there is this marvelous VIX, Uncle Ben’s bullish notes about subdued inflation, bullish economic data and you think everything seems to be [...]

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What Exactly is Option Trading?

by OptionPundit on April 17, 2010

A Fascinating Friday ! That’s how I can think about Market’s action on Friday. Option trading is not only about attending a seminar, do some paper trades, get some winning trades and the stage is set. It is also about constantly evolving your own trading style and continue to sharpen your saw. With this post [...]


Which side are you at? Bull or Bear? Based on the current market sentiments, general bullish bias, feeling of missing last up leg and given that every indicator is screaming buy buy buy, chances are that you are on the Bull’s side. If so, there is not much point reading this post any further. There [...]

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Panic Before Everyone Else Does

by OptionPundit on February 20, 2009

I have tried my best to warn OP readers of the upcoming storm, over and over again starting from November 2007. Fun fact, this is what I wrote then- But hey, if you do get a bearish market, then don’t forget to mention that you were told first hand here at OptionPundit. We are close [...]

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