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OPN Apr’09 +12.5%, 15th Positive Month (Out of last 16)

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Get ready for an action filled week that has lot of economic data flowing in, traders returning from holidays and banks announcing earnings. Of course, Banks have to have positive impact due to “relaxation” in Mark-to-market accounting rules. This week is also flooded with other earnings and option expiration schedule, an excellent environment for exceptional opportunities. April was another winning month for OPNewsletter. 15th out of last 16 months. In spite of the whipsaws we observed, this month didn’t require much adjustment, almost sitting idle generating cash for OPN trades. OPN has successfully rolled over the portfolios for May holdings…

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SKF Smiling Flies, +100%

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The free trade idea on SKF resulted in +100% gains. First starting with FDX and NKE, I had these puts from the starts but even those who followed the notice and decided to follow the trade must have benefitted as well. Then I shared smiling butterflies on SKF, High Risk High Reward Trade, and it closed for +100% gains for one day holding. NKE was pinned at $45 (GS, AAPL, and POT weren’t really pinned this time). Though I identified GOOG pin at 330 in the beginning but I was biased for it move closer to 325 or 335 and…

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Smiling Butterflies for SKF

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As I mentioned in my earlier post, an expiration Friday is a Thrilling Friday full of opportunities but mostly speculative. Intrinsic Value driven by Time Value and Implied volatility reduces to almost zero and creates powerful leveraging instrument. On an expiration day 100% of returns are not unusual. In fact I am yet to break my record for +1,200%. If one can accurately estimates pinning points, butterflies usually offers one of the most rewarding trades. I decided to take chance on SKF expiration and play speculative strategy, High Risk High Reward. (You may want to sign-up for the Basic Membership…

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Thrilling Expiration Friday

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Too much to handle for the week which slowed down the postings this week. What a “Rambo Fed” action that was (I was looking for a picture replacing Bernanke with Stallone but gave up after a few searches). But guess what, was this really surprising, I don’t think so. Uncle Ben has already made this clear long time back.To find out what other tools Uncle still has in his magic box, you may want to read his speech delivered on Nov 20, 2002. For those who would like to know more deflation etc this does make a good reading. This…

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Citi, Uptick and Mark-To-Market

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So we had it finally. The pressurized spring bounced back and shorts were pressed against the wall to cover. Fantastic rally by all means, it was easily qualified as a 90% Upside Day on both the NYSE and the NASDAQ that too on expanding volume. Market breadth was also much more impressive during yesterday’s rally. I had never thought (Probably Vikram Pandit as well) that his letter to Citi (C) employee can spark such a massive global stock market rally. In fact there were 3 things of note yesterday. Citi CEO’s letter. Reimpose the uptick rule (An untick rule is…

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A Covered Call with Ultrashorts

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It is generally assumed, and rightfully so, that Ultrashorts SRF, SKF are not for everyone, those are highly volatile and average investors should stay away from those. However, I think, if managed properly, these can also be valuable tool to generate passive income. Firstly, let’s look at the 2 popular ultrashorts SKF, SRS. Attached charts are pictorial view of how volatile these stocks are. SKF (Ultrashort Financials) has a trading range of $100 to $300 and SRS (Ultrashort Real-Estate) from $50 to $250 and intraday movements are good enough to stir stomach muscles. As such general markets are speculative these…

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