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OPNewsletter (Oct’09) Up +9.5%

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88.7% capital invested, no major adjustment needed, all but one portfolios made money and closed, 1 portfolio still open (down -2.9%), OPNewsletter delivered +9.58% x -commissions and +7.8% including commissions. As good as it gets. We are starting to look out and analyze opportunities for November 2009 income portfolio. If you are not an OPNewsletter member and would like to join, pls sign-up for the waitlist here. These results don’t include returns from speculative trades i.e. bonus alerts.  I shared trade ideas on GOOG and GLD. While GOOG trade required adjustment as GOOG quickly bounced from 480s  (I didn’t close…

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OPNewsletter Jun’09 up 11.7% (Open), Jul’09 (Opening Soon)

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Another turbulent but positive week for the broader markets. I sent out a note to OPN Subscribers and Basic Members (Free, till dec’09) that don’t trust the sharp rally post employment numbers. The rally did disappeared. Overall OPNewsletter gained almost 3% this week, we did raise investment capital by a few percent behind some adjustments. Overall OPN is up +11.77% (x- brokerage commissions) and +9.27% (including commissions). We have invested almost 60% of 10K assumed capital across various sectors and diversified strategies. As of Friday closing we have 44.11% cash available that we can start employing for July’09 portfolios. RUT…

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OPNewsletter Jun’09 is up 8.6% (Open)

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A turbulent but positive week for the broader markets, as well as for OPN. OPNewsletter is up +8.6% (x- brokerage commissions) and +6.6% (including commissions). This excludes returns from bonus trades on GDX straight calls, GMCR and POT. Though we have started generating credit thus increasing the cash portion, we are still assuming 57.3% of 10K as maximum capital invested to calculate OPN results. 10K is a model capital, but these are pretty much scalable to several times. Sectors include – Steel, Gold, Transport, Overall General Market and Strategies include Iron Condor, Calendars and Covered Calls. GDX is down from…

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OPNewsletter – May’09 (+9.48%), Jun’09 (Open)

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OPNewsletter closed May’09 for +9.48% x-commissions and +6.76% inclusive of commissions. As I stated earlier, after many months of waiting, we crossed our 60% portfolio investment target. It’s always an advantage if the capital was preserved. Yes we did have a few months of low returns, but that preserved capital is an out performance (vs general markets) already and now we can start using this preserved capital for further gains vs. wasting energy in recouping the losses. Just 1 single covered call (X) was more than enough to cover OPN fee  (and triggered no adjustment needs). Sign-up for the OPNWaitlist…

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OPNewsletter Jan’09 : +4.06%, Feb’09 (Opening Soon)

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OP Newsletter Jan’09 Income portfolios grew to +6.84% excluding brokerage commissions. However, including commissions; overall OPN grew by +4.06%. Our Jan’09 Income Iron Condor is closed for +14.27%. Just for perspective, not even a single OPN RUT Iron condor lost money in 2008. For Jan’09 portfolios, OPN used up maximum of 34.14% of overall assumed portfolio capital and after profit booking OPN has >80% cash available for investing into other opportunities. These results doesn’t include returns from bonus trade alerts (for instance, shorting treasury pick is up > +10% since my last post). We shall start wrapping up Jan’09 income…

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A Terrible, and A Fantastic Week

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It was a terrible week for U.S. stocks and equally for almost every major stock markets worldwide. The Dow fell 157.47 points, or 1.5%, on Friday to close at 10,325.38, racking up a 7.3% drop for the week. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 29.33 points, or 1.5%, on Friday to close at 1,947.39 and lost 10.8% for the week. The broader Standard & Poor’s 500 Index dropped 15.05 points, or 1.4%, on Friday, ending the day at 1,099.23. For the week, the index was down 9.4% for the week. But all this shouldn’t come as a major suprise to OPNewsletter subscribers especially…

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