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OPNewsletter (Jul’09) +3.55%

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Last week markets tried very hard to rally but ended in negative territory. Market’s character can now be defined by more of “withdrawal of demand” vs anything else. For overall OPNewsletter, we have invested 38.7% of assumed 10K capital. As of last Friday close, we are up +3.55% x-commissions and +2.2% including commissions. I usually aim for +60% capital deployment but overriding philosophy here is “preservation of capital is more important that missing a potential investment opportunity”. As of Friday closing, here is an update on OPN portfolios- IWM is down -0.47% X is up +4.50% GDX is up +5.13%…

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OPNewsletter (Outperformance)- May’09 +6.1%

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Option Trading is equally useful to retail traders and can generate consistent income if used properly. Hope you enjoyed the free trade alerts for some earnings play (You may sign-up for the Basic membership that is free till Dec 2009) A Fantastic week for OPNewsletter! We played HAL, IBM, UPS and AMZN for earnings and all these one day players nicely added value to the portfolio. We chose to close HAL and AMZN and to keep IBM and UPS for further gains. These were special circumstantial opportunities and we took full advantage without having to worry which direction stocks will…

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OPNewsletter- Mar’09 +8.8%, Apr +2.4% (Open)

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March’09 portfolios were closed +8.8% (excluding commissions) and +5.6% (including commissions). I used up about +46.7% of the assumed 10K capital for OPNewsletter. This result doesn’t include excellent results from bonus trade alerts. When compared with broader markets, this was probably one of the best months for OPNewsletter. Look at the major market movements since we opened the Mar (Mid Feb’09) portfolio. RUT traveled almost -20% south; and DOW, S&P500 and Nasdaq ranging from -14% to -16%. All this was followed by sharp snap back rallies. Isn’t this amazing, almost 20% back and forth move in one month. I have…

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OPNewsletter – Dec +15.9%, Jan +0.46% (Open)

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December’08 was another positive month for the OPNewsletter delivering +15.9% including commissions. We prioritized preserving capital and invested only +14% of the assumed 10K portfolio inline with OPN’s philosophy of “When in doubt, Protect Capital first”. Even if we assume returns on overall capital that was a positive +2.23% after commissions. With the exception of Aug’08, 2008 overall was a wonderful year for OPNewsletter and its subscribers. OPN has outperformed almost any major market benchmark or any other major asset class (Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq, Gold, etc.). I shall share more details later. We have started opening our Jan’09 income portfolios…

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OPNewsletter Returns +6.2% in Sept’08

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In what could be summarized as tumultuous month for the US markets, full of volatility and extreme intradays moves and strong reversals, OPNewsletter Sept portfolios returned +6.2% including commissions. This beats my revised target of 5% including comissions (vs earlier 5-7% x-comissions). This surely wasn’t an easy month for an income trader but a portfolio approach and diversification helped me achieve positive results. I used up a max of 53% of overall capital during month and opened 5 portfolios- GLD -16.67% SPY barely break-even at +0.6% EWZ +5.3% DIA +23.57% RUT +28.64% These doesn’t include directional alerts that I sent to OPNewsletter members (DBC +30% and GS +12%, and bearish…

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OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +2.0% (Open)

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For the week ending Aug 01, OPNewsletter is up +2.0% including commissions and +4.0% x-comissions. Though this was a great week for 3 portfolios delivering double digit gains, it wasn’t so for our 4th portfolio that is down double digit and is dragging overall results with it. Albeit, We still have two weeks to go. You may find out about more about OPNewsletter here. We shall be shortly opening our Sept portfolio spots. There were couple of bonus trade alerts as well that delivered solid results including AMZN, POT and AAPL. I also shared a free trade idea, using covered…

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