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Apple Inc. (AAPL), the biggest publicly listed company on the planet is about to announce earnings on Apr 24th, after markets are closed. It is estimated that nearly 200+ Hedge funds have AAPL shares in their portfolio. And it is one of the most commonly talked about stock on almost every main stream financial media, […]


What is Option Assignment and Is it always bad?

by OptionPundit on December 1

Option Assignment is one word that a lot of option traders are scared of. For a primer of what is an option assignment, let me share the basic concept first. This is a detailed explanation from The Options Industry Council. You may also learn more from Pete here. The option holder has the right to […]


How High Netflix (NFLX) will Go?

by OptionPundit on December 1

Netflix (NFLX) has been a shining star and shorts have been pushed against the wall time and again. After lingering between $20-$40 for several years, NFLX has gone from $50 to $200 YTD alone, in a 45degree straight line. See attached chart for YTD performance- After watching it for sometime, I am amazed by the […]


What is a Conservative Trading Strategy?

by OptionPundit on October 5

Recently there was discussion on OPDiscussion forum regarding conservative vis-a-vis aggressive option trading┬ástrategies. This is something that as a trader we face day after day so I thought why not I share my thought with the broader readers. Though there are obvious aggressive and less aggressive strategies, there are a few things that one needs […]


How to Trade Japanese Yen via Options

by OptionPundit on September 14

Forex market is a big market providing round the clock trading as well as huge leverage. Leverage is a double edge sword. If you are not hedging properly, then forex trading could also mean a ticket to emptying your trading account quickly. So if you want to trade forex but still want to limit your […]