Priceline- How Did We Make Triple Digit Gains

by OptionPundit on August 5

Backspread Option Trading Strategy is one of my favorite strategies when it comes to playing large move and when I am not so sure of the direction. I like to play it especially when I am biased about the direction but I don’t want to take unnecessary risk. I first introduced this spread to OP […]


OPNewsletter Jul 2010 Up +8.3%

by OptionPundit on July 12

We are on track for our 28th positive month of OPNewsletter phase-2, as of last Friday close OPNewsletter Jul 2010 portfolio is up +8.3% on the maximum investment of almost 60% of portfolio capital. We have started opening Aug 2010 portfolios and our first portfolio is already positive. Let’s talk consistency first, especially on trades […]


OPNewsletter May +18%, June +5.3% (Open)

by OptionPundit on May 19

Another turbulent and volatile period! Last week started with a huge gap up rally after EU announced a $1trillion bailout package but by weekend it was a different story. Now there are questions on how solid it was. The confidence barometer, Euro, is now 4 years low and maybe even headed for $ parity as […]


Dancing With Mr Market

by OptionPundit on August 6

So you think you can dance, with the markets? Sometime back I read a book by Barton Biggs “Wealth, War & Wisdom” where he documented several instances going as far back as WW-II that collectively market participants know what’s coming and hence market starts to show light even when it is pitch dark elsewhere. Sure […]


A terrific week and 3 cheers to the Bulls for sustaining the momentum. Finally, my witty Oct’08 remark on “Mark to Market” relaxation a.k.a “do-what-you-want” came true; G-20 supported by $1trillions and a market that went down nearly-2% and then back up +6.5% to close overall +5.75% (Dow). Ups-n-down, and then up up and up. […]