Futures markets especially Corn, Wheat and Crude have been buzzing rather actively during past few months. As part of our Income from Future Options (IFO) service, our strategy has been to wait for the best set-ups that increases our probability of success and as soon as our set-up emerges, then we go for it. (Try […]


When do I Buy Gold?

by OptionPundit on September 20

I have been covering gold ever since Oct 2007 and many readers know that I am a long term bull on Gold (both Physical metal as well as paper gold). Gold is one of those underlyings that I don’t short. I, at times, may initiate a swings bearish positions but I will usually close it […]


The Gartley Pattern on Dow and S&P500

by OptionPundit on September 28

Gold is making waves, a new record high in terms of US$; I hope you read my earlier post on Sept 2 (Going for Gold)and benefited from the move. Recently I attended a talk in an investment club where one of my friends presented an interesting perspective about The Gartely 222 Chart Patterns and his forecast for […]

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How to Play Google Earnings, Again?

by OptionPundit on October 15

Google (GOOG) is announcing earnings today after market close. A $500+ stock and famous for it’s move post earnings, it is almost in every “speculators” list to play for the big event. I covered GOOG earnings extensively. If you are looking for a play based on detailed analysis based, check out the past trades here.  […]


The Shining Asset Class – Gold

by OptionPundit on February 17

Recall the post on Dec 31 on watching the Gold action. It has been closing upwards every years for the past 8 years. As of Friday’s close, Gold was up almost +7% year to date and as of this writing, it’s rising further. Attached chart shows a massive base building around $920-$940. And if Gold […]

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