The Shining Asset Class – Gold

by OptionPundit on February 17

Recall the post on Dec 31 on watching the Gold action. It has been closing upwards every years for the past 8 years. As of Friday’s close, Gold was up almost +7% year to date and as of this writing, it’s rising further. Attached chart shows a massive base building around $920-$940. And if Gold […]

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What’s Next?

by OptionPundit on January 21

What a day that it was. This was the largest market decline ever on an inauguration day which also qualified as a 90% down day on both the NYSE and NASDAQ. According to Lowry’s, this was also the second 90% down day in just four trading days, after a hiatus of 90% Down Days since […]


Is Berkshire in Trouble?

by OptionPundit on November 20

This 2 part series will cover recent market developments about Berkshire Hathaway, points to a strategy on how you may benefit more on the same trades he did recently and an option trading strategy that probably Berkshire uses for maximizing it returns on the underlying they find worth investing. Don’t forget to read the big picture […]

Where are the Markets Heading?

by OptionPundit on November 18

Below charts and rough technical analysis is not to paint a grim picture but is rather an attempt to define a range for the downside. It’s better to develop trading plans with the worst case scenario in mind vs. developing plans on pure hopes and dreams. I don’t argue that equities are starting to show […]


DOW, S&P, Nasdaq All Up

by OptionPundit on October 16

The Dow increased 4.7% closing at 8979.26, the Nasdaq was up 5.5% to finish at 1717.71, and the S&P was up 4.3% to finish at 946.43. Leading sectors Coal and Consumable Fuels +13.3%, Education Services 13.2%, Steel 13.1%, Oil and Gas Exploration 12.1%, Gas Utilities 11.4%. Gold will surely make it to the lagging sectors. […]