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Which side are you at? Bull or Bear? Based on the current market sentiments, general bullish bias, feeling of missing last up leg and given that every indicator is screaming buy buy buy, chances are that you are on the Bull’s side. If so, there is not much point reading this post any further. There [...]

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AAPL +35.6%; MCO +3.5%

by OptionPundit on June 13, 2009

Basic members were alerted for 2 free trade ideas. One is closed for nice gains while other trade has been successfully rolled to next month. Starting with Moody’s (MCO) trade idea. The basic premise for that trade was shorting of Moody’s by hedge fund manager David Einhorn, who correctly questioned the health of Lehman Brothers [...]


OPNewsletter Jun’09 is up 7.34% (Open)

by OptionPundit on May 23, 2009

A week in which Dow moved between +2.5% to -1.75%, S&P500 from +3.25% to -1.5% and RUT from +4.75% to -1.50%, and all closing in negative territory, OPNewsletter gained +2% that too after increasing capital investment by 36% over last week. Overall OPN is up +7.35% (x- brokerage commissions) and +5.3% (including commissions). This excludes [...]


It feels great when a single covered call option spread (done only @ 7.3% of 10K portfolio) can deliver OPNewsletter monthly subscription fee, cover commissions and still deliver profits, without making adjustments throughout the holding period. And what if the newsletter doesn’t get a single cent if doesn’t deliver profits? Welcome to OPNewsletter (A “No [...]


CSX Corporation (CSX) Earnings Play

by OptionPundit on April 14, 2009

Railroad operator CSX Corp. (CSX) is scheduled to issue first-quarter earnings after market close today, with analysts forecasting earnings of $0.51 per share on revenues of $2.26 billion for the quarter. I am not so positive about the results. I think CSX might miss earnings’ estimates, but, as I always say earnings are 50:50, pls [...]

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