GM Doesn’t Need Money

by OptionPundit on March 12

AP reports that General Motor’s (GM) CFO says they don’t need $2billions as cost cutting is bearing fruits. Quite interesting, and possibly a good sign for GM’s survival. But I think more than cost cutting, they need to have cutting edge car models and this cutting edge doesn’t mean high tech, but the models that […]


Outperformance Continues at OPNewsletter

by OptionPundit on February 22

When compared with broader markets, Feb was an excellent month for OPNewsletter coupled with a few good learnings (kinda reinforcement, been there done that, but forget that). Overall, OPNewsletter for Feb closed up +5.6% x-commissions and +2.6% including commissions. Capital preservtion and thus allocation was higher priority vs missing an opportunity. These results doesn’t include […]


An excellent month for OPNewsletter so far. Overall, OPNewsletter is up +8.87% x-commissions and +5.85% including commissions. We didn’t have to make any major adjustments to our portfolios except one which rolled partially to next month. We closed one portfolio for +17.17% gains and except any major disastrous events on Tuesday market open, remainder portfolios […]


Such is the bear market, it leaves no one. Those who thought that major price indexes had successfully tested the Nov’08 market lows and that move December onwards marked a new primary bull market, were taken by surprise and Jan closed on a negative note. Dow closing almost 9% down for the month and other […]


Make or Break?

by OptionPundit on December 5

Up, Up and then Doooown. That’s the simplest way I could define the stock market’s pattern these days. Should the markets attempt another move higher, which could be sparked by today’s release of the Nov. unemployment report, initial resistance should be at the Nov. 28 reaction high at 8831 for the DJIA, 896 for the […]