Bear market signal

Just What I Said

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What a week that it was!! It’s very easy to say “just what I said” and pat your shoulder but the tough part is to say now what’s next? How do I benefit from what’s coming? I shall share what I mentioned to OPNewsletter members last week– So fireworks happened in the afternoon trading… …today is a critical day. Usually after such a sell-off we should be expecting a rebound for 2-7 days but it doesn’t…

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This Time is Different?

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In order to share current market conditions, I borrowed this title from an excellent book “This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen M Reinhart”. If you haven’t read it, I shall suggest that you get a copy and read it. Let’s get to the business. If by June 30th, Dow can’t close above 10,130 this will be the 2nd consecutive month of downward move by Dow for the…

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Is the Correction Over?

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Is this correction over? Probably a trillion dollar question that is going through everybody’s mind! The irony is that whoever has the crystal ball to answer this, probably doesn’t even need to answer this as he/she must have already achieved the market nirvana. Rest of us can only try or guess. Let me share my two cents on where we are. First, if we assume that stock market is a leading indicator, then it is…

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Is It the Beginning of a New Bull Market?

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted and since then a lot has occurred in the markets. Just to provide the context before proceeding, since we opened Aug OPNewsletter portfolio 2wks back , hold your breath, X is up almost +25%, OIH +14%, IWM /RUT +11%, GDX and Dow +9%, S&P500 almost +8%. What a spectacular bull run over bearish bias we had for OPNewsletter. These are fairly large move, in such a…

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What’s Next for Stocks Markets and Me

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So we are having a great rally. It doesn’t seem like it wants to pause. If Dow is up this week, it will be up 8 out of the last 9 weeks. Wow, what a complete reversal of a downward trend that we had been observing since last year. What an extended overbought period. The bears, including me, have been waiting for a pause or correction which seems not to take place. The stock markets…

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Get Ready for Next Bear Leg and Start Hedging

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As of yesterday’s close, the DJIA has gained 21% since establishing the March 9 low. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ have gained 23% and 25%, respectively, over the same time period. Wow, we have had wonderful rally so far, >20% gains in matter of less than 3 weeks; and probably one of the strongest rally that we have seen in this bear market. To make the bullish case even stronger, the rally continues to extend…

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