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Just What I Said

by OptionPundit on July 6

What a week that it was!! It’s very easy to say “just what I said” and pat your shoulder but the tough part is to say now what’s next? How do I benefit from what’s coming? I shall share what I mentioned to OPNewsletter members last week- So fireworks happened in the afternoon trading… …today is […]


This Time is Different?

by OptionPundit on June 28

In order to share current market conditions, I borrowed this title from an excellent book “This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen M Reinhart”. If you haven’t read it, I shall suggest that you get a copy and read it. Let’s get to the business. If by June […]


Is the Correction Over?

by OptionPundit on June 14

Is this correction over? Probably a trillion dollar question that is going through everybody’s mind! The irony is that whoever has the crystal ball to answer this, probably doesn’t even need to answer this as he/she must have already achieved the market nirvana. Rest of us can only try or guess. Let me share my […]


Is It the Beginning of a New Bull Market?

by OptionPundit on July 27

It’s been quite a while since I last posted and since then a lot has occurred in the markets. Just to provide the context before proceeding, since we opened Aug OPNewsletter portfolio 2wks back , hold your breath, X is up almost +25%, OIH +14%, IWM /RUT +11%, GDX and Dow +9%, S&P500 almost +8%. […]


What’s Next for Stocks Markets and Me

by OptionPundit on May 7

So we are having a great rally. It doesn’t seem like it wants to pause. If Dow is up this week, it will be up 8 out of the last 9 weeks. Wow, what a complete reversal of a downward trend that we had been observing since last year. What an extended overbought period. The […]