bear market

Honey, It’s Your Money

by OptionPundit on May 25

As of this writing, US stock futures are down heavily. Dow futures are off almost 200 points, S&P500 futures are off almost 25 points; almost all the indices in Europe are down 2.5%; Nikkei and Hang Seng were down 3%; India and China are also off almost 2%. What a day !!! You may site […]


Panic Before Everyone Else Does

by OptionPundit on November 13

Market forecasting is one thing and profiting from it is altogether another thing. OPNewsletter subscribers know how accurate so far my warnings had been and I did panic before everyone else did but did I benefit by opening pure bearish trades? In the hindsight, I could have made a killing but did I? No! Sure it […]


OPNewsletter and Markets Ahead

by OptionPundit on October 27

What a week. US Markets almost collapsed, bounced and then again dumped in the last 6minutes of trading of last Friday. The news of the last week was and still is, Nikkei, which is at 25 year low. As of this writing, Nikkei closed, again, down by another 6.3%, talk about the fears, bears!!! While […]


More Pain Ahead

by OptionPundit on September 17

This is one forecast I want to be wrong. I would like to be wrong as this doesn’t paint a good picture of broader economy. If general economy is bad, it’s tough time for everyone including me and I don’t want to forecast tough times. This post is available to only those who are blog […]


7 Ways to Survive This Market

by OptionPundit on July 8

It was not too long ago when I mentioned that once June is gone, we may see pull back in commodities. And guess what, it’s been only a few days and DBC is hammered badly. Is it only a temporary set-back or long term, let’s see? Markets have been pretty tough and remaining on sidelines […]