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Thrilling Expiration Friday

Too much to handle for the week which slowed down the postings this week. What a “Rambo Fed” action that was (I was looking for a picture replacing Bernanke with Stallone but gave up after a few searches). But guess what, was this really surprising, I don’t think so. Uncle…

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March 20, 2009

OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +2.0% (Open)

For the week ending Aug 01, OPNewsletter is up +2.0% including commissions and +4.0% x-comissions. Though this was a great week for 3 portfolios delivering double digit gains, it wasn’t so for our 4th portfolio that is down double digit and is dragging overall results with it. Albeit, We still…

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August 2, 2008

OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +3.0% (Open)

Another profitable week for OPNewsletter; both for income as well as speculative directional trades. Even though we increased out investment by 17% (to 48.3%) since last week, our returns also increased from +1.24% to +3.06% this week (including commissions). Considering what happened in the broader markets past week, I am…

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July 27, 2008
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