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Bear Vertical Spread Explained

Bear Vertical Spread Explained

By | Option Trading Strategy, Vertical Spread | 3 Comments

What is a Vertical Spread? We explained this at great length in the previous article using an example of Bullish Vertical Spread. We explained all the basics of vertical spread, how to structure it, how to analyze its risk reward profile and how to interpret profit & loss of a bullish vertical spread. This article is now focused to explain what is Bear Vertical Spread. Before analyzing bearish trading strategy using verticals, let’s review what is a Vertical Spreads strategy: Vertical spread is an option spread trading strategy in which trader purchases a certain number of options and simultaneously sells an equal…

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Vertical Spread Starter Guide

Vertical Spread Strategy Explained

By | Vertical Spread | 11 Comments

Vertical Spreads Strategies are one of the most versatile form of option trading strategies. Some of you by now have become really good at Options Trading using Vertical Spreads for Income. But if you’re still struggling to nail Vertical Spread strategy, or if you’re just getting started in options trading world, this comprehensive article is most definitely for you. Let’s kick off the New Year with an absolute game changer in your Options Trading. I’ve put a lot into this article for you, so make sure to read completely and ask questions to get everything you need to start the new year off…

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How to Trade FOMC Event via options

Trading FOMC Event Via Bearish Butterfly Spread

By | Trade Ideas | 5 Comments

Arguably, the most important day of the year for the stock markets is right here. In about an hr, FOMC decision on interest rates will be announced. Almost everyone is expecting a 25bps rise! Whatever the FOMC decision maybe, there is a speculative Option trade opportunity on either side. Though, I am bearish, the similar strategy can be used for bullish bias as well. So in simple terms quickly, here is the trade- Buy to Open a Broken Wing Put fly (What is a Butterfly Options Spread) for roughly $0.25 to $0.75 debit. Though it is slightly bigger range than I would…

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