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Don't Trade Options If

Don’t Trade Options If…

By | Learn to Trade Options, Option Trading | One Comment

Don’t trade options! Yeah, you are reading it right. We at OptionPundit, a premium Option focused website, are telling you not to trade options!! In fact don’t trade stocks, forex or commodities also if you can’t put your heart-n-soul into it to understand how it works and what does it take to succeed in that business. Trading Financial markets isn’t easy and it will never be easy as it directly deals with money and the competition will always be tough. This is even more relevant in case of financial markets as market participants are now even more sophisticated than ever. If…

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Where are stocks markets heading?

Who Will Ring the Bell?

By | Market Internals | 6 Comments

“Buy America. I am” said Mr Warren Buffett on Oct 16,2 008. He announced to the whole world that he was buying american stocks, and those who listened to him, probably made a great fortune. So will Mr. Buffect announce “Sell America. I am”? I have great admiration for Mr Buffett. However, I don’t think we’ll ever see this. So who is going to ring the bell? I don’t know. It’s hard. I will share my three cents. Almost 8 months and no major movement. Call it consolidation or whatever, market price action, at best, now, is “tired”.  Since 2009,…

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Will US Dollar Continue To Strengthen?

By | Forex Options, FutureOptions | No Comments

The US dollar index rose quickly over the past few trading days. Other major currencies like the EURO, Pound, Aussie etc weakened against the dollar and I am tempted to short them. However I am hesitant to do so as I noticed that the dollar index is approaching a resistance zone (see the red box in the attached chart). If the dollar index rally falters at resistance, other major currencies may cease to weaken and shorting them will then prove to be a bad decision. If the dollar index slices through resistance easily, I may miss some opportunities but I…

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