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Apr +27.8% and May +3.4% (Open)

By | OP Newsletter, Past Performance | No Comments

Just like Jan 2015 (+27%), we had an excellent repeat in April 2015 as OP Income Newsletter delivered +27.8% (x-commissions). For the Month of May 2015, we are up +3.4% and are nicely positioned for any pullback using our specialist VIX and SPX portfolios. These results come after a terrific first quarter Jan +27%, Feb +3% and Mar +4.3%. EARNING ANNOUNCEMENTS OFFER INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITIES Earning months are one of the best months for OPN members…

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Jan +27%, Feb +3%, Mar+2.7% (Open)

By | OP Newsletter, Past Performance | No Comments

After an excellent Jan’15 for +27%, Feb performance was slower but still positive. OP Income Newsletter delivered +3.15% gains on 48.7% capital utilization while for Mar it is already up +2.7% on 68.8% capital investment. I am expecting Mar 2015 to be an interesting month and you will read more about this on members’ section on forum. I have already started a market commentary thread and you might have plenty of opportunities to trade during…

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Warren Buffett IBM

Is Rising Stock Price Good for “ALL” Stock Buyers? Warren Buffett Thinks Differently

By | Trade Ideas | No Comments

I used to think that if I hold stocks in my portfolio and if the price continue to rise it’s good for my portfolio. It still holds true as I can sell it higher at anytime and pocket the gains (minus the taxes etc as applicable). However, when I was looking at Mr Buffett’s holding IBM to find out if I should start buying it as the prices are lower vs what Warren Buffett paid,…

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This is Why Feb Options Trading Results Are Already Up +3%

By | OP Newsletter, Past Performance | No Comments

As an options trader, I prefer higher implied volatility environment and this years’s continued higher volatility continues giving more profits. A simple 20Days VIX moving average is above 18 and both 50 and 200dma are on the rising trend giving options traders for opportunities to trade. We have market neutral, long vega trades structured to benefit from time decay as well and that’s one of the key reasons to bring in nicer gains… OPNewsletter‘s Jan’15result…

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OPN Jan 2015 +27.7%, Feb’15 +5.4% (Open)

By | OP Newsletter, Past Performance | No Comments

As I mentioned at the start of 2015, this is a year of change for Markets. If Jan barometer is anything to go by, then Jan’2015 doesn’t speak well for the rest of 2015. Albeit, we have also learnt during the past several years, that don’t forecast, just trade the price.. Even though broader markets suffered from increased volatility and performed poorly, OP Income Newsletter delivered great set of results. Overall it delivered +27.7% on…

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