Thank you for choosing to join OPNewsletter.  Here are more details about OPNewsletter and the options to sign-up. Currently it is open to all and wait-listing fee is waived.

Objectives of OPN:

  1. Target monthly returns of 5%-7% on overall invested capital.
  2. Multi-strategy but primarily non-directional (condors, calendars, straddles, butterfly etc.)
  3. Short Holding period
  4. High winning probability trade ideas
  5. Capital preservation always overrides missing an investment opportunity

We trade NON-DIRECTIONAL spreads and use IMPLIED VOLATILITY as our competitive advantage.

Here is Mr Sandy Lord’s thoughts about OptionPundit services-

Here are some other reasons for why should you join OPNewsletter:

  1. No Profit, No Fee– As a new member, your first month is free if OPN doesn’t make money in that month.
  2. 85 months of solid performance that has tested the bull, bears as well as sideways markets. All historical trades as well as real-time commentary of those months are available to members.
  3. Non-directional, Diversified, Consistent and Scalable- OPN uses diversification in sectors, stocks, ETFs and Indices, and also uses diversified option trading strategies including but not limited to credit spreads, condors, calendars, butterflies and more. The OPN model portfolio is scalable to multiple times.
  4. Complete Risk Management and Efficient Capital allocation
  5. Special brokerage commission rates at ThinkOrSwim, OptionsXpress, tradeMonster and Trade Station.
  6. Complete Transparency – Unlike other newsletters that use theoretical fills, OPN uses members’ fills to calculate its performance. Members post their fills on the forum that are visible to every other member.
  7. Continuous Learning, Resources- OPN forum is filled with option trading resources, details of past trades including adjustments and it also boasts 3 series of real lessons from real-trader in real-time.

Here is what US National Athlete Randall Bal (former world champion) has to say about OptionPundit service-

Below are three subscription options, Please choose whichever option suits you the most. By signing-up, this assumes that you have read, understood and agreed with terms and conditions as laid out in OPNewsletter and it’s Legal and Disclaimers.

Only new OPN members will have only first month free if OPN doesn’t deliver positive results (x-commissions) in the month of joining.

The OPNewsletter Monthly- US$148

The OPNewsletter Annual- US$1,499 (16% Savings, ~$125/Month)

The OPNewsletter Quarterly- US$399 (10% Savings, ~$133/Month)

Cancellation Policy

Should you choose to sign-up for the Annual Subscription, appropriate refunds will be made as per following cancellation principles-

  • Cancel before 3 months, then it will be prorated based on monthly fee (for each month)
  • Cancel after 3month, it will be prorated based on quarterly fee (for each month)
  • Cancel after 9months, it will be prorated based on annual fee (for each month)

A minimum of 1 month fee will be charged if canceled during the month. For example, if there is a quarterly subscription, and it is cancelled during mid month (say after 2wks or 6weeks), then full month fee will be charged (2 months in this example).

In case of monthly subscription, a minimum of 1 month fee will be charged. The refund is only in the case of NO PROFIT in the first month for NEW subscribers.

Upon completion of payment, you shall be receiving a note on how to start with OPNewsletter.

Welcome aboard!
Profitable Trading, OP

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