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Whether it was a bull market that ended in late 2007, or a massive bear market ending Mar’09 or another bull market since 2009 till date, OP Income Newsletter has delivered a rock solid performance in most conditions.  Kindly check out our monthly performance on right side bar.

We mostly trade NON-DIRECTIONAL spreads and use IMPLIED VOLATILITY as our competitive advantage.

Here are some other reasons for why should you join OPNewsletter:

  1. No Profit, No Fee- As a new member, your first month is free if OPN doesn’t make money in that month.
  2. 64 months of solid performance that has tested the bull, bears as well as sideways markets. All historical trades as well as real-time commentary of those months are available to members.
  3. Non-directional, Diversified, Consistent and Scalable- OPN uses diversification in sectors, stocks, ETFs and Indices, and also uses diversified option trading strategies including but not limited to credit spreads, condors, calendars, butterflies and more. The OPN model portfolio is scalable to multiple times.
  4. Complete Risk Management and Efficient Capital allocation
  5. Special brokerage commission rates at ThinkOrSwim, OptionsXpress, tradeMonster and Trade Station.
  6. Complete Transparency - Unlike other newsletters that use theoretical fills, OPN uses members’ fills to calculate its performance. Members post their fills on the forum that are visible to every other member.
  7. Continuous Learning, Resources- OPN forum is filled with option trading resources, details of past trades including adjustments and it also boasts 3 series of real lessons from real-trader in real-time.

OptionPundit Income Newsletter

What does “NO PROFIT, NO FEE” mean?

Applicable for new members- For the expiration month that OPNewsletter is not able to generate positive results (x-commissions), we shall refund your subscription fee for that expiration month. Expiration cycle is in line with US Equity and Index options expiration cycle.

What is the guiding principle for OPN Fee refund and how are refunds paid? as a member might have joined on a date after portfolios are opened.

New OPN members will have first month free if OPN doesn’t deliver positive results (x-commissions) in the month of joining. The guiding principle is that OPN Fee refunds will be made for the active members ON the commencement date of portfolio AND who continued UP TO closure of the portfolio.

Not Yet ready, please read below to know more.

Read what do OPN customers think about OPNewsletter Service. You may also contact at Opti...@gmail.com for any questions.


OP Newsletter (OPN) Subscription Features

What is OPNewsletter (OPN)?

OPNewsletter is established to provide low risk options trading suggestions based on my real-money portfolio that I am willing to share with subscribers. It is no way a recommendation letter and please note that I am not a financial adviser. The trades shared are not ALL of my trades, and my personal trading account performance may or may not match with OPN results.

Before you read further, please read “Legal Notices and Disclaimer” carefully to understand the terms and conditions for usage of this blog and its services.

Objectives of OPN:

  1. Target monthly returns of 5%-7% on overall invested capital.
  2. Short Holding period
  3. High winning probability trades
  4. Capital preservation always overrides missing an investment opportunity

With OPNewsletter subscription, what to expect?

Complete Plan and Diversified Approach

  • As part of the newsletter, a full trading plan, consisting of strategy, capital allocation guidelines, risk/reward, break-even analysis, adjustment plans, exit strategy as well as initial risk management plans, is shared.
  • An average of 3 to 6 options mini-portfolio trades per month.
  • Contrary to popular newsletter services, OPN uses a portfolio approach. I don’t believe that just by investing in one credit spread or iron condor I can continue to grow my large capital base as I personally am risk averse and will in most case never invest all money into one trade.
  • A mini-portfolio may consists of multiple spreads for the same underlying.
  • A mix of powerful trading strategies i.e. Iron Condors, credit spreads, double diagonals, diagonal and calendars.
  • Immediate alerts and e-mail notifications on any updates and adjustments.

General Market Commentary

There is also a special section to have almost daily comments. This is even more helpful when there is lot of uncertainty in the markets. Below is a snapshot that cautioned OPN subscribers in the mid Sept’08 to stay away from markets should Dow drops below 10,700 (subsequent warning of Dow dropping to 8,000 also materialized).

Thorough Rigor

An exclusive section devoted to OPN on forumwhere you can discuss the trades with the fellow subscribers or ask questions directly from OP.Attached picture is a snapshot of the monthly portfolio mainboard. This covers summary of the portfolios as well as P/L for each portfolio. Also highlighted is summary of bonus trades. This is live board so as to quickly share on what’s opened and what’s closed.

This is level-2 details of forum’s main board. Each income portfolio is divided into two threads. The main thread (e.g. RUT Jun’08 income thread) that has all the trade specific details, adjustments and any other trade plan element and the 2nd thread (e.g. Discussion Thread- RUT Income Trade) that is for the members to discuss that portfolio, share their fills and any concerns related to underlying. This way, members know what’s being traded and also stay in touch with what others are thinking.

OPN is not only about the income trades, there are bonus speculative trades as well (Earning play, momentum plays, technical play, special opportunity plays, etc) and there is a dedicated thread for those as well.

Complete Transparency


OPN believes in complete transparency. There is weekly performance tracking update coupled with commentary on almost each portfolio. Also, as appropriate, also added is the next week’s plan.

A portfolio tracker is shared with all the members that they use to track their fills and track. In stead of using a theoretical fill, OPN generally uses best fills from members, at times OP’s fills as well.

Not Just Option Trading

OPN is not only about option trading, But also about other opportunities that may strike time to time. For instance OND’08 period presented some opportunities when stocks were oversold and selling for cheap valuation. A stocks’ list, with OP’s target prices, were shared with the OPN members.


Continuous Learning, Resources

OPNewsletter works on the principle to keep updating its members with the latest development and provide trading resources. Members are encouraged to share resources, ask questions, etc and continue to build knowledge base. Another excellent feature of OPN community is to share key learning. We have a series “Real Lessons from Real Trades and in Real-time”. These are real learning, incurred at the expense of real money and something that you may not find elsewhere. A knowledge base, that continues to expand and enrich member’s understanding of market and how to play this market.

Net, OPNewsletter is not just about sharing some picks and look glossy. This is a complete package to make money together with subscribers and continue to grow in a closely knit community together.

How Much it cost?

  • Monthly Subscription – US$ 148
  • Quarterly Subscription – US$ 399 (10% Savings)
  • Yearly Subscription – US$1,499 (16% Savings)

Try Now

My commitment is simple. I want to make money with you, not from you. I invest my own money in most of the trades I share via OPN. If you lose, I lose too and if you profit, I profit too. If in your first month, OPN is not able to generate profits, I shall refund the subscription fee.

Profitable trading, OP

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