Why pay thousands of $$$ to learn what’s available for free? OptionPundit is a one stop place for everything you’ll ever need for trading options. Explore OP to learn, simulate, connect and enhance your option trading experience. Broad range of articles cover trading strategies to market psychology, both income and speculative strategies filled with real trade examples, book reviews with trade ideas, a huge collection of free tools filled with option trading guide to option strategy simulator, join forum to discuss with fellow traders or sign-up for 100% performance based Newsletter. Explore the Freedom!

OptionPundit© (OP) is designed for novice as well as serious option traders. OptionPundit is a stock & option trading blogsite that is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Discussing basic, intermediate and advance option trading strategies
  • Market Psychology and commentary
  • Market Outlook and general investing environment
  • Provide tools for continuous learning and development of trading skills.
  • OP Income Newsletter OPN

A fine collection of investment tools is also available for free to OP readers. OP recommends income spreads trading with “high probability of success” and priority is always given to capital protection vs. missing investing opportunity. You may choose to use this blogsite as your primary source of information and to help you make decision but please note trade decisions are solely yours and OptionPundit is not responsible for any profit or losses caused due to information on this blogsite.

By using this site and information on this site, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to OP’s terms & conditions.

How to Use “Option Pundit

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  • Home” is the key page where latest thoughts/trades are posted. You can sign-up for live feed of posts.
  • Best of Breed” is designed for real-time headlines from the top bloggers. This automatically updates every 10mins. Click at any post to know more about that post.
  • OP’s Toolbox” is an excellent collection of trading tools that we use to find, analyze and explore potential trading opportunities. It has all that we need to trade. Stock screeners, portfolio trackers, stock rankers, options strategy simulator, options education, macro and micro economy picture, popular options discussion groups, key events calendar and also links to commentary by industry thought leaders. You may visit this page every trading day to develop a perspective before entering a trade.
  • Articles” is the page where I store all my previous articles and those are nicely categories for your reading pleasure.
  • About OptionPundit©” and “Legal Notices & Disclaimers” are something that you may want to visit once and be aware of what is OptionPundit© before using OptionPundit.

You may use the information from this site and link posts to your webpage/blog but please give due reference and credit to OptionPundit©. All the material is copyrighted and is intellectual capital of OP or of the owners as mentioned appropriately.

Feedback or comments can be sent at : OptionPundit@gmail.com

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