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Why pay thousands of $$$ to learn what’s available for free? OptionPundit is a one stop place for everything you’ll ever need for trading options. Explore OP to learn, simulate, connect and enhance your option trading experience. Broad range of articles cover trading strategies to market psychology, both income and speculative strategies filled with real trade examples, book reviews with trade ideas, a huge collection of free tools filled with option trading guide to option strategy simulator, join forum to discuss with fellow traders or sign-up for 100% performance based Newsletter. Explore the Freedom!

OptionPundit© (OP) is designed for novice as well as serious option traders. OptionPundit is a stock & option trading blogsite that is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Discussing basic, intermediate and advance option trading strategies
  • Market Psychology and commentary
  • Market Outlook and general investing environment
  • Provide tools for continuous learning and development of trading skills.
  • OP Income Newsletter OPN

A fine collection of investment tools is also available for free to OP readers. OP recommends income spreads trading with “high probability of success” and priority is always given to capital protection vs. missing investing opportunity. You may choose to use this blogsite as your primary source of information and to help you make decision but please note trade decisions are solely yours and OptionPundit is not responsible for any profit or losses caused due to information on this blogsite.

By using this site and information on this site, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to OP’s terms & conditions.

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You may use the information from this site and link posts to your webpage/blog but please give due reference and credit to OptionPundit©. All the material is copyrighted and is intellectual capital of OP or of the owners as mentioned appropriately.

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Manoj Agrawal

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15 Responses to “About OP”

  1. Andre says:

    HI, Im the writer for the new blog Trading Addiction (http://www.tradingaddiction.blogspot.com) and I really like the quality of content that your blog produces and was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me?

    by the way there is a slight problem with ur script the top navigation bar is shifted far right

  2. jeff says:

    what types of strategies do you use? just five trades a month? do you do debit or credit spreads?

  3. kanishk nathan says:

    dear sir; im a beginner options trader with level 3 clearance from my broker; i wish to find out if optionpundit will be right for me; hence , the following questions; i will appreciate yr prompt and detailed reply–
    1. cost of subscription;
    2. ave target profit per month;
    3. ave price of option;
    how many trades per week;
    4.how much a/c size do u suggest i start with;
    5. ave holding period;
    6. do u recommend straight calls/puts or more advanced strategies; if so which ones;
    thks; thats all; kindly respond asap, so i can decide if this service is for me or no;
    kanishk nathan

  4. Joe Goebel says:

    Hello, I came upon your site surfing around and I am VERY interested in your service. I’m a finance professor for my job and years ago I traded stocks and options for several years, so I’m familiar with financial markets, instruments, rates, and systems. Since I have had jobs at different universities through my career, I have been able to roll funds out of some of my 403b plans into a self-directed IRA LLC (Provision Capital, LLC) that I created so that I could be able to take full advantage of market opportunities. I would like to put these funds to work across a variety of diversified services, including yours. As I just recently went through a divorce (finalized last January, 2010), now I find myself uncertain as to whether I will ever be able to retire. Perhaps with services with yours, though, I might be able to once again believe that retirement is possible (I’m now 50). I have a few questions, though:
    Would I be able to set up an account in my LLC’s name with your firm (to trade that account per your recommendations as manager of the LLC) and is auto-trading available? Further, when do your recommendations occur usually? That is, do we need to move on your recommendations immediately to take positions? Thank you for your input.

    Joe Goebel

  5. john brooks says:


  6. Gabe Richman says:


    I am looking to speak with the person who handles your email newsletter. We help many financial sites like yours acquire new email subscribers by way our opt-in technology that we run on financial sites like NASDAQ, WSJ.com, Schaeffer’s and Motley Fool. Are you guys currently looking for ways to grow your email list?

    I’d love to set up a time to discuss how we can help.


    Gabe Richman
    Senior Account Executive

  7. Buddy Sexton says:

    I was a member a year or two ago. I loved your insight and calls. Frankly, I think I was probably too uneducated to truly understand, and sometimes follow, some of your suggestions. Well, I have studied up a bit and practiced more and want to come home again – much more appreciative of your skill and perhaps a little more able to benefit from your great service. I have paid to join the Wait List $ and will look forward to joining you, OP, again and this community.

  8. dovi says:

    Is there any brokers that will auto-trade this service?

  9. jim says:

    Hi, I was just scanning your website with an intent to join the newsletter subscription. In scanning to see what the forums are doing or various other areas of Q&A I noticed a lot of the postings are rather dated…often over a year old. In addition to really honing my options trading skills, getting mkt timely insights, and solid recommendations…..I am keen to find a home base for continued Q&A along with active forums of lie minded traders.
    In my scanning I was wondering if I missed something and that is why I am only seeing the dated inputs.
    I really am excited about your newsletter and OP Toolbox info. Can you tell me is the $50 trial still available for 45 DAY PERIOD. If so, can cancel anytime if not for me.
    Much appreciated ,

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  12. Mark Wesley says:

    Hello, I am Mark Wesley with AutoShares. We’re just about set up and ready to begin AutoTrading for your newsletter alert service. Before we get started, we’d like to confirm we are receiving alerts and have all contact emails/numbers available for your trade alerts. The email addresses that the alerts should be sent to is:

    If you have any questions, please email or call me.

    We look forward to working with you.


    Mark C. Wesley
    Telephone & Fax 800-847-8495

    AutoShares is a Division of ViewTrade Securities, Inc (Member of the FINRA and SIPC) and as such, all securities are offered through ViewTrade.NOTICE: The information contained in this electronic transmission is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. ANY DISTRIBUTION OR COPYING OF THIS MESSAGE IS PROHIBITED, except by the intended recipient(s). Attempts to intercept this message are in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2511(1) of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which subjects the interceptor to fines, imprisonment and/or civil damages. If you are not the intended recipient(s), please delete it and notify the sender immediately.

  13. chin chee hoong says:

    I just paid for your site thru paypal and now what should I do next? I have problem registering as a new user also. It seemed to be a reCaptcha issue.


  14. Joseph Mack says:

    Hi, Apologies for leaving this as a comment but your e-mail address keeps bouncing back!
    My name’s Joseph Mack and I’m an affiliate manager at MarketOptions.com, a global Binary Options brokerage.
    Having viewed your website, I believe there’s excellent potential for us to build a highly lucrative working relationship.
    If you would like to discuss our partnership possibilities further, please don’t hesitate contacting me via e-mail or skype (joe.affiliation). I’ll be happy to converse at a time of your convenience.
    Best regards,
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  15. rapheal says:

    what is the min trading capital required? Since I have a day job how do I follow the service to put my order?
    What is the risk of each trade?
    Than you

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