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Will US Dollar Continue To Strengthen?

By | Forex Options, FutureOptions | No Comments

The US dollar index rose quickly over the past few trading days. Other major currencies like the EURO, Pound, Aussie etc weakened against the dollar and I am tempted to short them. However I am hesitant to do so as I noticed that the dollar index is approaching a resistance zone (see the red box in the attached chart). If the dollar index rally falters at resistance, other major currencies may cease to weaken and…

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This is The Biggest Mistake New Option Traders Make

By | Why Trade Options | No Comments
Time and again, I have seen people talk about options as if options are from different planet and something average investor or trader can’t make money with? Are options really that bad? I mean, do people even understand what options are before they start trading options? A lot of money is being made in options. I mean, a lot. Even Warren Buffett trades options. Options can't be as bad as people make out, can they?...
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Dow Theory Divergence

Can You Afford to Ignore This Divergence, Now?

By | Dow Theory, Technical Analysis | 3 Comments

The last time I mentioned this divergence was in November 2007 and it did flash future turbulence, later to be known (and still is) as The Great Recession. This 100 year old indicator can’t be used for day to day market movements but it can define turning points on the macroeconomic level. Are things different today vs 2007? Yes and No. While this divergence is technically the same, there are some abnormalities in the stock…

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