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Whys is Apple (AAPL) Stock Falling Today, Options Trading, Apple, AAPL

After this, Is Apple Inc About to Fall From the Tree?

By | General | No Comments

On April 26 after market close, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported earnings for its second fiscal quarter and issued guidance for its third fiscal quarter. Apple posted its first-ever decline in iPhone sales and its first revenue drop in 13 years!! Earnings of $1.90 per share fell short of the average analyst estimate of $2 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Revenue of $50.56 billion missed expectations of $51.97 billions. Its shares fell a whopping 8 percent, wiping out almost 45billions from market cap. As if these poor results weren’t already bad enough, the company announced poor guidance for the third…

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VRX Straddle Options Spread

Straddle The Market To Profit from Uncertainty, The Valeant Way

By | Option Trading, Option Trading Strategy | 4 Comments

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (VRX) dropped over 50% on Tuesday trigerring billions in losses for Hedge funds including the famed investor Mr Bill Ackman of Pershing Square. Is there a way you could have profited while big funds lost billions? Straddle spread is one such strategy that can be used in such instances. It was a public information that VRX will be announcing ernings before Market opens on 15 Mar 2016. The results are usually 50/50 i.e. we don’t know whether the stock will go up or down after earning announcements. And it is this type of uncertain situation which…

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Bear Vertical Spread Explained

Bear Vertical Spread Explained

By | Option Trading Strategy, Vertical Spread | 3 Comments

What is a Vertical Spread? We explained this at great length in the previous article using an example of Bullish Vertical Spread. We explained all the basics of vertical spread, how to structure it, how to analyze its risk reward profile and how to interpret profit & loss of a bullish vertical spread. This article is now focused to explain what is Bear Vertical Spread. Before analyzing bearish trading strategy using verticals, let’s review what is a Vertical Spreads strategy: Vertical spread is an option spread trading strategy in which trader purchases a certain number of options and simultaneously sells an equal…

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